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Through this, I wanna share my happiness with you my friends and readers about how wonderful it is to celebrate kame's birthday xD

He is 29 years old now, but he looks like he is getting younger instead *0*

He is prettier, healtier, happier, better, and sexier than before. since second love aired, I have been kyaa-ing all over. Kame is so sexy and manly and pretty at the same time. He is amazing. I love him so much. Hehe

In this special day, honestly I feel sad because I cannot write any fics to celebrate kame's birthday.

I feel bad too because I keep you all hanging with no update, lacking of inspiration and motivation to write. I wanna stop writing akame actually, but I just can't..., and I don't even know how to describe this feeling. I am down, trying to write like I use to be, but I find it's so hard. So....sorry...

I always listen to kame or kattun's songs, wanting to get into my writer mode, just...feel like never going to give up. I hope this feeling will be always strong, not fading away

ne, minna... Thank you *hugs*
Let's smile for Kame's wonderful day :)

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