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 - Comment with "Hit me!" ''Hug me." Because hitting is to mean..
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Question by [info]romapi

1. What got you into the fandom?
     It's because of Ryo and Kanjani8. I love them so much and I want to know all about them ^^

2. Who is your OTP?
    RYODA!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I love their bittersweet relationships XD

3. If there a pair you want to broke up in a fic who would you want?
    Hm...maybe RyoMassu. I just think that they are more like brothers than lovers ^^

4. In that broken pair who would you want to build another pair? and what genre?
    PiMassu. Ahahah I don't know why but I feel they are cute together *runs to pluto*
    Hm...the genre are maybe angst and romance ^^

5. If you can make a fic song what song do you want?
    Song that will represent the story very well. Unfortunately, I can't make a song, just writing a fic >,<

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Minna, please tell me how to improve my english and make me understand my mistake in my writing. I really need your help because i am not so good in english and i do want to write fic with a good grammar.

99,99% of you who joined in my fic comm told me that the bad thing in my writing is my bad grammar. T.T i am so sorry for making you read my fics that have so many grammar mistake *cries*

that's why please help me, ne. The 1st time i realized how bad my grammar is when people talked about it in one of jeauthormeme. I was shock and so sad, but then i realized they didn't want to hurt me. I think they cared about me and wanted me to be better in writing with making me notice where my mistakes are.

Minna, let's be honest with me, ne. Tell me what you want to say to me. I am not a perfect person/author so i know you do have a feeling to say about what you hate/ what you don't like/ what you want/ what your suggestion/ what you think or what you love about my writing maybe?

Please tell me everything here. You can critic me also. I won't be angry or sad. I promise. We are friends so i believe we want the best for all of us ^^

thank you minna. Love you so much! *hugs*
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I am so sad now.

i cries hard and my heart feels a lot of pain.

my father told me in a harsh tone that he threw away the modem (it's a small equipment like a USB for internet connection). the modem couldn't be installed in my computer so it was so hard to try on. the tecnician gave up to instal it. and my father went angry and stressed to deal with that. that's why he threw the modem away without talk to me first. i did ask him why he did that. eventhoug the modem isn't funtional in my computer, maybe in my brother's computer it can. why don't we try first? or at least we can bring it back to the store to complain about the modem condition or ask for our money back.

but my father didn't do it. he just yelled at me that he threw it away. he also blamed me about that. he told me that i am not independent to take a decision. why did i not tell him to try the modem in m brother computer? i couldn't help but go angry too. how can i tell him if he already threw the modem first?

he is so angry and keep lecturing me. his words is hurting me so much. he said i don't net internet. he prefer me going out to the place that have internet connection to our house instead. i can't stand it anymore. that's why i runaway from my home. okay, i only runaway for na while. i'll come back home as soon as i finish writing this.

minna. i wanna tell you my sorry because i can't talk to you freely like i think i can when i got the modem for net. now, i can't online regularly anymore. my job and my study are killing me too. that's why i think i can't update anything in the near time.

gomen ne, because i made all of my fic here to be private only (just me that can see them). i repost al of them in my fic community [info]u_me_u

the community isn't done yet. i can't manage it in my condition now. but if you want to read my fic you can go there. but it is members only. please read what i wrote there before you join,nee.

there is 43 questions that you have to fill to be the member. it's okay if you don't fulfill all of them. just choose which questions do you like to fill in.

i am so sorry minna. please forgive me. and plese give me hugs?
really love you

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Minna, i am so sorry i can't chat with you because my computer is attacked by virus TwT
It needs a few days to fix it. That's why i can't use my internet at all *pouts*

and i am so sad because RL is not so great lately. I am drained and cry to much lately. I even got an accident. It's a ball accident actually. A kid kicked a ball so hard and it hit straight to my face! I knew it was just an accident but it seriously hurt! My glasses was broken. My right eye and cheek was red and hurt. I still feel dizzy until now. Uhuhuhu

everything is not good for me right now. I am too down, sad and tired to do anything. I lost intererest in writing especially when my computer get a problem. So i am sorry if i can't write fic soon. Besides, i am so sad because some of my old fics link are broken! I cried when i knew about that. I don't know why it could happen. That was why i couldn't help but cry. My old fics have many precious memories for me. I met new friends and readers because of them. I tried step by step to improve my writing with that. So i cried when they're gone. .

Minna i miss you so much. Hope everything is gonna be okay.

~hug you, kiss you and peace from citra-chan~
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Minna, can you help me? I need some questions that i will add in the list questions which you will answer if you want to join in my fic community. I want you to share and give a/some questions so that you will be the part of building my fic comm :)
how do you think about that, minna?

Waiting your answer with my super cute puppy eyes XD

~rest well and peace from citra-chan~

Which fic?

Jan. 27th, 2011 01:09 pm
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Minna, i wanna ask you something. Do u still remember my fics 'The Warm Touch' and 'So Sweet Or So Hot?'
those two fics need a sequel and i am sorry for making you wait for that. So give me your opinin of which i should write first?
Will wait your opinions/vote =)

~peace from citra-chan~


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