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Happy Eid Mubarak~

Selamat hari raya Idul Fitri for all my moslem friends *hugs*
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Happy Eid for my moslem friends ^^

Minal Aidzin walfaizin

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Originally posted by [ profile] granity20 at FUND-RAISING FOR HABAGAT FLOOD VICTIMS
Originally posted by [ profile] pautami at FUND-RAISING FOR HABAGAT FLOOD VICTIMS
Habagat Fund Raising
Banner by: [ profile] sugarbloodlolli
(cute sun by silverbtf@deviantart and cute star by smileysgalore@Zazzle)

The month of August has brought with it the Southwest Monsoon or Habagat pouring heavy rains on Metro Manila and nearby provinces. The result was severe flooding in those places. (Aerial photos and other pictures here) Many of the roads were not passable. Thus, food and drinking water are harder to come by. Not to mention the lives and properties that were lost during this calamity.

It has been days since the sun shone on that part of the country. That is why we are asking for your help and be the sun that will warm the hearts of those affected by this calamity. Let us, once again, use our creativity and passion in raising funds for this worthy cause. (Total funds gathered during the Sendong Auction is posted on the sidebar)

   For this fund-raising event, we are opening two categories: $1-for-a-drabble and $1-for-an-art. To know the mechanics and sign up, click on the link below.


a. All transactions will be online, it means all donations are directed to either of the following organizations:b. Click on any of those links and process your donation. Once the transaction is done, kindly forward the confirmation (a screen capture that shows the amount and date of donation) to:

c. Once the proof of your donation has been received, we’ll inform the authors/artists about it to get started with your request.

d. For the authors/artists, please comment with the link to your finished product on this community, so we can keep track of them all.

For further questions and inquiries, you can contact any of the mods or connect with us through the social networking site links on the sidebar.

Note: Please disable comments to re-route all queries to the comm
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OMG! I made it! I can make something with felt! XDD

Theme for my first felt creation : Chain ^^

Please tell me your opinion >//< *nervous*

And for anyone who wants to buy them, you can contact me here:
(This is only for Indonesian, gomen >v<)

here are the pics ^^

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Hello minna, how are you?

Me is finally soooo genki after being sick for weeks >//<

and here I am to announce that I made 2 new communities :

[ profile] kame_artand [ profile] akame_ryoda

Those are picture and art community ^^

Let's enjoy them and let's visit it in your free time XD

Thank you~



Apr. 5th, 2012 10:50 pm
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I made FB!!!
More info is here~

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Happy birthday
to me

Today is my special day XD








P/S : I even made ryo-chan's layout too for my journal, ehehe *runs*




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Thank you God for giving us happiness and health.

Thank you mom for loving me.

Thank you all my friends for coloring my life.

Thank you for everyone who always be there for me.

Thank you for being wonderful friends.


Thank you for all JE Boys' fans who share their wonderful works.

Thank you for the authors for writing amazing fics.

Thank you for the readers who always give supporting and lovely comments.

Hope this year will be better than last year.

Let's color our life with love, smile, happiness, and care.

I love you all~




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Originally posted by [ profile] pautami at $1 For A Drabble
As some of you may know, Philippines was struck yet again by a devastating typhoon. This time it was much closer to home as I am currently living in the city that was highly affected. I made a post about it a few days earlier HERE and I am so happy that many of you have been so generous. The typhoon is over but it will be a while before those victims can get back on their feet.

With that in mind, I am planning a fund-raising activity with [ profile] sweetspicyhot so please look forward to it and hopefully some of you can help as well. While that plan is still in the works, I've decided to get the ball rolling with a small activity myself. Thus, $1-For-A-Drabble came up. That's US$1 for every drabble that you request.

Here's how it will go:
  • Those who would like to sign up as a writer for this cause, you may comment on this post with the pairing you are willing to write. Include also the timeline on how many days before you can deliver a request.
  • For the donors, please leave your comment on this post with the name of the writer you choose and the pairing you would like.
  • Please send your donations to Iligan Bloggers Society and forward the confirmation to I will then inform your writer about it and they can start writing your fic. Kindly fill out the form at the lower part of the page with your information so that your name be included in the list of donors.
  • You can request more than one drabble with a different writer for each.
  • The fics will be posted as a comment to your request.
I'm not sure if I've missed out any information so please leave a comment for any clarification. I am hoping for your assistance. *bows*

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Yay!!!!!! MY PC IS FIXED!!!!!

Prepare yourself for my update ne XDDD

*bouncing and dancing happily*

Btw, as you wait for me, I wanna share you about something. It doesn't have any relation with what I have here or with my fics.

It's just about how crazy I am over a mangaka. She has many good stories which maybe can make you interested in reading them ^^

So, I wanna declare that I am a big fan of Masara Minase!!!        
Ehehehe, for me, her artworks are so awesome! So much handsome boys and great story lines XD
I am a pervy coz I like reading yaoi, especially hers XD
So, I am here trying to make you love her works too :D
And sometimes I feel like her characters personalities are so Akame :DD
Enjoy the pics and tell me your thought about them ne *winks*

<3 <3

Here are the pics~ XD )


Jul. 13th, 2011 09:39 am
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I wanna delete it. I'm tired. . .*hiks*
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Hai, minna ^^

It's the first time I do a concrit meme XD
Please tell me your thought and advice for my writing because i do want to improve my writing ^^
So please go here :JE CONCRIT MEME )


and let's continue to the meme that I get from Peri-chan [info]bellemelody

Create a new post, copy and paste this message, delete my answers and type in yours.
Then tag all your good friends and family INCLUDING the person who tagged you.
The theory is that you will learn one new thing about each of your friends.
For those who are being tagged want to do this, you are welcomed to do it if u're

the meme ^^ )


and this is my drawing part 2 ^^

I drew them a long time ago (in my middle high school) so the paper is a bit torn and dirty T^T
But I hope you like them ^^

my drawings part 2 )

and follow me in tumbrl ne ^^

Thank you XD


Jun. 20th, 2011 08:54 pm
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 - Comment with "Hit me!" ''Hug me." Because hitting is to mean..
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Question by [info]romapi

1. What got you into the fandom?
     It's because of Ryo and Kanjani8. I love them so much and I want to know all about them ^^

2. Who is your OTP?
    RYODA!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I love their bittersweet relationships XD

3. If there a pair you want to broke up in a fic who would you want?
    Hm...maybe RyoMassu. I just think that they are more like brothers than lovers ^^

4. In that broken pair who would you want to build another pair? and what genre?
    PiMassu. Ahahah I don't know why but I feel they are cute together *runs to pluto*
    Hm...the genre are maybe angst and romance ^^

5. If you can make a fic song what song do you want?
    Song that will represent the story very well. Unfortunately, I can't make a song, just writing a fic >,<

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I am so happy that I got a new job!
I accepted the job without having to quit from my recent job. It means I work for 2 place in a day!
I know I will be so busy and tired, but it's okay.
Why? Oh, it's because I will be a kindergarten teacher in my new job! Kya! I miss teaching cute kids! <33333

I will start working next month. I think I won't be bored anymore when I take my hiatus in LJ at the end of July, because I will be busy teaching kids in kindergarten and private course too xD

Hope my healthy won't drop when I start working for the jobs ^^
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Minna, i missed you so much *HUGS ATTACK* (/>O<)/≡

uhuhuhuhu my cellphone is broken and my modem for internet is error (okay, it's not error, the error one is me) ( >з<)=3

so, i can't online anymore. i even can't see my email and my lj o(><;)(;><)o

i don't know when i can active again here. RL is so hard lately. my job and my study are like hell sometimes ( ≫_≪)/

that's why i maybe can't be here for a long time. is it hiatus? no, i don't want to. i usually disappear for months but i always try to appear to post my fic once in a while. i think this time i can't do it. without net, i can't do anything o(≧□≦;)o

and...uhm...lately i feel uninterested in Ryo. it means i am not interested to je too. i still love them with all my heart but i think i find the time where i can't be as excited as before. they are doing great but i think i am the one who change here. Ryo is my everything in lj. that's why he effects me so much into writing. i can't write anymore in this kind of mood. eh, but don't worry i won't stop writing! i love writing and i will do it until the rest of my life. i am just not too sure when i can write again. i hope everything is  gonna be okay. i hope i get my net again. i hope i can communicate with you all properly. honestly i wanna talk and be friends with you. i love you all so much! so please wait me and please don't pinch me, nee (/≧∇≦)/^☆

oh, i am here for 1 hour only. i wanna talk to you in this short time if you can (*^O^*)

Bye-Bye♪ ~~(*/>_<)o i will miss u so much!!!!!!
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i'm citra-chan ^^
how are you?

minna, i really wanna chat with you. i'm so sorry coz i can't use facebook or YM. i just can use twitter. btw, in the previous post, some of you wrote your twitter address but i can't find you >w<
so, would you like to find me?

what's your twitter account?
my twitter account is cichanqu

let's meet and talk there, ne *hugs*
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Minna, please tell me how to improve my english and make me understand my mistake in my writing. I really need your help because i am not so good in english and i do want to write fic with a good grammar.

99,99% of you who joined in my fic comm told me that the bad thing in my writing is my bad grammar. T.T i am so sorry for making you read my fics that have so many grammar mistake *cries*

that's why please help me, ne. The 1st time i realized how bad my grammar is when people talked about it in one of jeauthormeme. I was shock and so sad, but then i realized they didn't want to hurt me. I think they cared about me and wanted me to be better in writing with making me notice where my mistakes are.

Minna, let's be honest with me, ne. Tell me what you want to say to me. I am not a perfect person/author so i know you do have a feeling to say about what you hate/ what you don't like/ what you want/ what your suggestion/ what you think or what you love about my writing maybe?

Please tell me everything here. You can critic me also. I won't be angry or sad. I promise. We are friends so i believe we want the best for all of us ^^

thank you minna. Love you so much! *hugs*
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Minna, how are you?
I miss you all so much! And thank you for my friends who cared about me in all this time. I'm sorry i can't reply your comment, but i do love you all *huuugs tightly*

oh, and now i wanna tell about my 1st project ever ^^
actually, this idea popped out in my mind because my journal isn't too active since i post all my fic into my fic comm now. That's why this journal is quite empty and just be filled with my ranting and sometimes i post pic combi of ryoda and akame.

I think i want to make my journal active again. I love my journal so much. I start everything in lj here. And until now, i'm still in love with this lovely eito layout! XD

therefore i decided to color my journal with this project! The project is 'i want to post 4 pics in a day! They are pics of Ryo, Tat-chan, Jin and Kame! I want to share the wonderful pics of them every day and i hope this project will color your days ^^

the inspiration of this project is based on the communities of pic a day in lj. I appreciate all of those comm and please don't hate me because of this project >w<
please tell me if you are against me about this >w<
honestly, i just wanna share and hope you'll love the boys more ^^

i plan to put a theme everyday for the pics, such as winter, cute, hot, sexy, the boys with animal, guitar, casual, smile, etc.

How do you think about this project? Please tell me your opinion, ne XD
Arigato *hugs*
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~This is my birthday ~~

I am so happy XD

Thank you so much for you who wish happy b’day to me

*hugsssssss you*

Oh, and this is my b’day cake!

It’s a blueberry chocolate cake!! I love it so much XD

It’s still wrapped with a plastic because I don’t eat it yet, hehe.

I’ll eat it later in the afternoon

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Minna, let's pray together for everyone's safety in Japan because earthquake and tsunami happen there.

*hope all je boys are alright too*


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