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"Why're we doing here?"asked Ryo infuriatedly.

Jin pulled down his fidora to cover his face,"We are spying, Ryo-chan,"whispered Jin.

Ryo rolled his eyes. "We aren't spying! We're watching your turtle seduces these fans on the stage!"Ryo glared at Jin because Jin covered his mouth so the fans didn't recognize them.

"Hey, you lost the bet,so i have the rule here! Just shut up,and what's wrong with my seductive turtle?He's hot!"complained Jin.

Ryo wanted to kick him but he was too pissed off from hearing loud scream of fans around them.Ryo smacked Jin's head because why the hell did Jin drag him to KAT-TUN's new concert?If fans knew Jin was here, they would go crazy!

"What's the connection between my punishment and this concert?"asked Ryo,still couldn't believe he watched another group's concert from JE like ordinary people.He stared at his uchiwa. Jin forced him to hold it.He got Maru's uchiwa and used it to fan himself.

Jin grinned."You lost the bet and you have told you about your punishment."

Ryo covered Jin's annoying face with the uchiwa."I don't get it at all.You said my punishment is I have to be a prince for a princess for a month.Don't tell me you want to choose a random girl here to be the princess!"

Jin rolled his eyes."Are you dumb?The princess is on the stage!"

Ryo gave Jin a "Huh?"in confusion.

Jin couldn't reply Ryo when the doom was dark suddenly.Then the spotlight was on a guy in the stage. The guy stood elegantly in his simple kimono. He then flew around the doom,making his kimono move n shape like the wings of butterfly. He looked so pretty and beautiful. He landed to the stage again, moving his hand a bit with a beautiful gesture before the doom became dark again. The performance was continued by the rest of KAT-TUN.

Ryo gaped."It's a beautiful princess that i had ever seen in my life,"said Ryo.

Jin smirked. "Wanna be his prince, Ryo-chan?"

Ryo nodded."Of course I do!"

Jin giggled. He knew Ryo would regret his decision when he knew it was Ueda.

To Be Continued. . .(.^_^.)


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