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1. About Ryo and eito
Do u know eito's short bangumi called Seven Okan, minna? It's so old actually coz it appeared for a little episode in eito's bangumi 'HONJANI'. In Seven Okan, eito acted like seven different kind of mothers from Osaka. Thew wore girly things from head to toe. They did make up and use cute shoes too! And not to mention their girly wigs! Seriously, they were so adorable and baka! LOL

Ryo was super cute and sooo girly. He sometimes acted adorablily when he talked about her husband. He blushed and looked happy! LOL
but there were some episode that i hated coz Ryo's make up was kinda creepy. He looked like a ghost bcause of his strange make up! I really wanna to kill the make up artist coz how the hell he made Ryo looks scary instead of beautiful?! *full of emotion*
but overall, the Seven Okan is worth to be watched coz it's TOTALLY FUNNY! ahahaha though each episode just for 5 to 7minutes xD

2. About Kame
ouch, i knew it's sooo late for me to just watch Kame's performance of Plastic Tears in Shounen Club. But i had the urge to write about it here coz I LOVE IT!
Kyaaaaaaa Kame was so INVITING! His dance killed me! XD
I wonder how can he move his body sexily like that. He's sooo sensual and an such a teaser *get smacked* xD
I watched it repetitively and then stopped when i felt i would die bcause of hotness! XD

3. About Akame
i couldn't sleep though i was so tired. So i spent two hours to make Akame calender! Huwaaa for me the calender is so cool! Wonder if it's okay to post it in comm or not? Should i make Ryoda calender too? XD

Good night =)
peace from citra-chan ~:)
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My job is killing me TwT So i needed something to distrack me from my frustation >,<
that's why i began watching my fancam vid, of course it relates to my ichiban 'Ryo'.

The vid that i chose to watch is fancam of Tat-chon's solo in eito's concert in 2008. I never watched it coz i thought there's no Ryo there, but i was totally wrong cz Ryo was there! Well, eventhough it's just his record dance performance of TORN. Actually TORN is sung by Tadayoshi Ohkura and Nishikido Ryo. But that time only Tatchon only and Ryo's vid as the background.

OMG!!! I suggest you to watch it coz Ryo was unbelievably HOT, SEXY, INVITING, HORNY AND KYAAAAA *faints with major nosebleed*
he touched his lips too dangerously and sensually. He touched his bare chest, nipple, stomach and going south *warning : it's so HOOOOT*
I didn't blink, breath, move or scream when i watched that. I only shocked, gaped, drooled, nosebleed and then fainted! XD

Ehehe i love him more. Like always he's so hot though sometimes i wanna kick his butt every time i hear bad rumor about him. Well, he's just a complicated guy. But it's okay as long as i can see him smile cutely :)

~peace from Ryo and citra-chan~
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I just realized how long i never talk or rambling about Ryo and Eito. I knew this lj world because of them. I love eito and ryo so much <3

i feel bad for myself because i forgot or didn't follow their news since i started writing. My journal is full of my fic and pic. And I just have super little things about eito here, uhuhuhu

recently i began watching their vids again and finally i watched their movie '8UPPERS'! OMG! It's so awesome! Maru is my favorite there bcause he was suprisingly so COOL AND GREAT WITH FIGHTING! Ehehe he's the most funny guy in eito, that's why every time i see him in 'kakkoi' mode i go 'kyaaaa' xD

The story of the movie is so good and the baby is soooo CUTE!!! Seriously, eito + baby = adorable!

But there was something that i don't like. It was bcause Ryo and Baru smoked A LOT! in every setting of the movie i saw them smoking! Okay, they looked so cool when smoking but i think it's not good for them. Ryo looked like he is so used to smoke, so i am so worried at him.

But everything is perfect beside the smoking thing. Oh, and i loved to see how tat-chon was so kind and acted like a good papa to the baby. Kyaaa~ he's so perfect to be a handsome and amazing husband! *hugs him*

oh, and i just saw many new pics of Ryo in eito concert 2010-2011. Uwaaaaa~ Ryo is super duper cute! I love his smile *dies*
eito's costumes in that concert were so lovely and colorful. Ryo looked so adorable especially when he acted like an innocent boy in dance with eito. Kyaaaa not just ryo who was cute there, but the rest of eito too!

Well, i don't watch the latest eito's pv 'animal magic' yet though i had already had the vid. I guess i'll love it bcause i love their movie *the song is for 8UPPERS*

Okay, it's my first ranting about eito. How i hope people will know them for more with my ranting about them, ehehehe

eito ranger and citra-chan 8D
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Minna, did you watch JOKER? Kyaaa Ryo was cho kakkoi and sooo pervert there! *dies*

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