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Today, i watched my old vids collection of bands that i loved when i was a fan of anime! It was when i was in highschool. I always fall in love with the amazing songs of anime, that's why it make me fall in love with the bands that sing the songs too!

At that time i was so into j-rock. I have loved Hyde! I can't believe he looks so young in his age. I got a big shock when i knew his real age! But, for me, he is so amazing. I love his voice. I love almost of l'arc-en-ciel's songs. Their songs are always nice to be listened and sang. I like to go to Japan festival every year in one of famous college in my country because there are so many bands that sing their song so i can sing as crazy as others xD
Their pv are always awesome too! Now, i can't stop singing their song 'New Word'!

Okay, now i want to fangirling about a cheerful n easy-going band named FLOW. i found them because i love so much their song 'remember' that became soundtrack for NARUTO. I love them more when their song 'Answer' became the OST of live action Detective Q where Yamada (HSJ) acted there. But i love them so much when i watched Dream Express Pv because they were so baka!! Ahahaha i always laugh hard when i watch that. They usually look kinda serious in pv, but in this pv they are totally crack me up! XD

And the last is visual key band named Nightmare. I love their song that became OST for anime Death Note. It's the first time i listen to visual key's song. I don't like their style but they have some great song!!

Oh, wait, i like a band named Kaggra. I don't really know about them but i have one pv of them. My friend gave it to me. I heard they were visual key band like l'arc-en-ciel in the past. But now both of the band have natural image. In the pv they sang a song that is so japanese. I wonder if it's about geisha coz there were a girl with red yukata there and kinda looks like geisha. I think the song is so beautiful. It's perfect to be the OST of akame's geisha fic! XD

Ups, i have to stop this because Ryo is going to kill me! *runs*


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