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Hello minna ^^

I want to sell and share info about my Chain Product!


1st info :

There are 10 items + price of Chain Products. ^v^

1. Keychain @ Rp 10.000


2.Pencil Case @ Rp20.000


3. Pouch Koin @ Rp 12.000


4. Hand Phone Case @ Rp 20.000


5. Tissue Case Pocket @ Rp 7.000


6. Tissue Roll Cover + The Tissue Case @ Rp 40.000


7. Headband Ver.1 @ Rp 7.000


8. Headband Ver.2 @ Rp 10.000


9. Hair Rubber @ Rp 8.000


10. Bracelet @ Rp 5.000

2nd Info :

  • The price here is in Rupiah (Indonesian Money)
  • They are made with felt and 100% handmade

3rd Info :

It’s good news for you who are from outside Indonesia. I want to sell Chain Products for you too! I sell them in USD $ ^^

4th Info :
I sell them :

A. per item

  • Minimal price is Rp 50.000 (the products are up to you) => Boleh campur2 yg penting totalx 50rb
  • Maximum price is unlimited

            B. In a packet
  • A packet costs Rp 100.000
  • The content is up to you. You can choose whichever products that you like in total Rp 100.000

5th Info :

  • If you are interested in buying them, let’s contact me here :

- Name :

- Country/hometown :

- Per item / a packet :

- Name of the products :

- Email/Livejournal/FB address :

- Phone number :

7th Info :

  • Please wait for the confirmation about the total amount and the other details
  • I need some time to make them because it’s made by order and I make them by myself ><
  • The payment must be paid after a week of the confirmation
  • For buyer outside Indonesia, I will send the details via email or message
  • The shipping fee is paid by the buyer
  • Payment by Western Union for international buyers
  • I don’t take responsibility for lost, mis delivery, or damaged products in the shipping
  • This is for serious buyer only

8th Info :

  • I take a request for any design/ideas for Chain Products
  • You can request for the other color, size, style, etc ^^
  • You can request for anything which not related with Chain Product. For example : Wedding souvenir, Onigiri Keychain, Kame Keychain, Little Cute Doll keychain, Birthday Souvenir, etc.

Thank you minna, and happy shopping :D

       With love,

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