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2011-09-27 09:11 am

fangirling XD

The Moffats. Yes, it's the first western band that I fell in love with. Until now I will go KYA every time I watch their video clip or simply found them in a magz.

I love them coz they are so simple but loved. Their songs are simple. They always use simple words but do great to be heard. Their style is like how guys are in the ordinary life. They are so friendly and cute. I love Bob and Clint. They are twins. Actually they are 4 brothers. The oldest brother is Scoth, then the last three are twins. Even though they are twins, Dave has appearance that is totally different from Bob and Clint who totally have the same look. The differences between them are just the color of hair and their style. Dave is the younger.

I love to sing their song called 'I Miss You Like Crazy'. It's a lovely song. And this morning I watced their video clip on TV. OMG! Their appearances were so different here! They looked mature but still so handsome like ever. They are seriously the most handsome brothers in the world!

'Bang Bang Boom' is their video clip that I watched today. So great and cool! You have to watch it too!
Sadly, they took a break since 2002. Now, I wonder how they would look like. I bet they are still as handsome as ever XD

Ok. It's my fangirling for today. Now it's time to work >_<
Have a nice day, minna ^^

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2011-04-23 07:22 pm

Kya~ l'arc-en-ciel, FLOW, Nightmare and Kaggra<3

Today, i watched my old vids collection of bands that i loved when i was a fan of anime! It was when i was in highschool. I always fall in love with the amazing songs of anime, that's why it make me fall in love with the bands that sing the songs too!

At that time i was so into j-rock. I have loved Hyde! I can't believe he looks so young in his age. I got a big shock when i knew his real age! But, for me, he is so amazing. I love his voice. I love almost of l'arc-en-ciel's songs. Their songs are always nice to be listened and sang. I like to go to Japan festival every year in one of famous college in my country because there are so many bands that sing their song so i can sing as crazy as others xD
Their pv are always awesome too! Now, i can't stop singing their song 'New Word'!

Okay, now i want to fangirling about a cheerful n easy-going band named FLOW. i found them because i love so much their song 'remember' that became soundtrack for NARUTO. I love them more when their song 'Answer' became the OST of live action Detective Q where Yamada (HSJ) acted there. But i love them so much when i watched Dream Express Pv because they were so baka!! Ahahaha i always laugh hard when i watch that. They usually look kinda serious in pv, but in this pv they are totally crack me up! XD

And the last is visual key band named Nightmare. I love their song that became OST for anime Death Note. It's the first time i listen to visual key's song. I don't like their style but they have some great song!!

Oh, wait, i like a band named Kaggra. I don't really know about them but i have one pv of them. My friend gave it to me. I heard they were visual key band like l'arc-en-ciel in the past. But now both of the band have natural image. In the pv they sang a song that is so japanese. I wonder if it's about geisha coz there were a girl with red yukata there and kinda looks like geisha. I think the song is so beautiful. It's perfect to be the OST of akame's geisha fic! XD

Ups, i have to stop this because Ryo is going to kill me! *runs*