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Minna, how are you?
I miss you all so much! And thank you for my friends who cared about me in all this time. I'm sorry i can't reply your comment, but i do love you all *huuugs tightly*

oh, and now i wanna tell about my 1st project ever ^^
actually, this idea popped out in my mind because my journal isn't too active since i post all my fic into my fic comm now. That's why this journal is quite empty and just be filled with my ranting and sometimes i post pic combi of ryoda and akame.

I think i want to make my journal active again. I love my journal so much. I start everything in lj here. And until now, i'm still in love with this lovely eito layout! XD

therefore i decided to color my journal with this project! The project is 'i want to post 4 pics in a day! They are pics of Ryo, Tat-chan, Jin and Kame! I want to share the wonderful pics of them every day and i hope this project will color your days ^^

the inspiration of this project is based on the communities of pic a day in lj. I appreciate all of those comm and please don't hate me because of this project >w<
please tell me if you are against me about this >w<
honestly, i just wanna share and hope you'll love the boys more ^^

i plan to put a theme everyday for the pics, such as winter, cute, hot, sexy, the boys with animal, guitar, casual, smile, etc.

How do you think about this project? Please tell me your opinion, ne XD
Arigato *hugs*
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I am curious!
Why is tatchan so beautiful? XD

Honestly, i didn't like tatchan when the 1st time i saw him. At that time i didn't know him. I watched a vid where Ryo fought words with one of JE boys, it's tatchan. In that vid, tatchan was still in his Gactk style. I thought it's so weird, that's why i didn't like him.

Some months later, i read fanfic about Ryoda. At first i was confused because why do Ryo have to be paired with tatchan? They are enemies, right? Then i realized almost Ryoda fic that i read had stories where they fought and hate each other but then led them into the love. I thought it's kinda cute, but my mind couldn't handle it because tatchan in his Gackt style didn't match to be Ryo's hime. I couldn't even understand why tatchan is called by Ryo.

And then i started to know tatchan for more. I was SHOCKED when i saw how beautiful tatchan now! He's totally different. I even didn't recognize him in KAT-TUN! I couldn't believe tatchan becomes so cute and love smiling. He seems happier and energetic. He indeed has the aura, face, gesture, expression and appearance like hime! With his beautiful self now, it's easy to imagine him with Ryo together in fic.

I love the beautiful and cute tatchan. That's why i always make him cute in my fic. I want Ryo to love and care about him though just in fic. I know in the reality they don't hate each other. Sometimes when i saw the vids when they together i feel they care to each other. I don't know why but i can see how tatchan looks at Ryo in a mysterious way. I know it's not love but my fangirly heart hopes it's true xD

Sometimes i think maybe tatchan really changed because of Ryo's words. Tatchan seems loving himself and more confident than him in the past. And i love him like that. I wonder if Ryo suprised with tatchan's beauty and cuteness now. Hope they will meet each other often. They are simply perfect to be together in my opinion.

Minna, sorry for my ranting about tatchan. If you don't mind please telling me your thought about tatchan too, ne ^w^
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1. About Ryo and eito
Do u know eito's short bangumi called Seven Okan, minna? It's so old actually coz it appeared for a little episode in eito's bangumi 'HONJANI'. In Seven Okan, eito acted like seven different kind of mothers from Osaka. Thew wore girly things from head to toe. They did make up and use cute shoes too! And not to mention their girly wigs! Seriously, they were so adorable and baka! LOL

Ryo was super cute and sooo girly. He sometimes acted adorablily when he talked about her husband. He blushed and looked happy! LOL
but there were some episode that i hated coz Ryo's make up was kinda creepy. He looked like a ghost bcause of his strange make up! I really wanna to kill the make up artist coz how the hell he made Ryo looks scary instead of beautiful?! *full of emotion*
but overall, the Seven Okan is worth to be watched coz it's TOTALLY FUNNY! ahahaha though each episode just for 5 to 7minutes xD

2. About Kame
ouch, i knew it's sooo late for me to just watch Kame's performance of Plastic Tears in Shounen Club. But i had the urge to write about it here coz I LOVE IT!
Kyaaaaaaa Kame was so INVITING! His dance killed me! XD
I wonder how can he move his body sexily like that. He's sooo sensual and an such a teaser *get smacked* xD
I watched it repetitively and then stopped when i felt i would die bcause of hotness! XD

3. About Akame
i couldn't sleep though i was so tired. So i spent two hours to make Akame calender! Huwaaa for me the calender is so cool! Wonder if it's okay to post it in comm or not? Should i make Ryoda calender too? XD

Good night =)
peace from citra-chan ~:)


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