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~My Fanfictions List~

i have information for you:
1. all the NC-17 fic here is locked
2. some of my fics are lock too because of some reasons but the rest is open public ^^
3. red color is for locked fics and purple color is for on going fics
4. please don't steal, plagiarism, re-write, or translation my fics without my permission
5. comments are always loved


(. ^______^ .)




Lies for You *on going
Summary: Ueda dares himself to lie to Johnny and everyone just because to help Ryo to keep on in two groups. Can he help Ryo with big lies that even he doesn’t believe it himself? Does Ryo want to get along with Ueda’s lie? Can the lies change their fate from a couple of enemy to become something different? Let’s find out.

chapter 1 ) ~ chapter 2 ) ~ chapter 3 ) ~ chapter 4a ) ~ chapter 4b ) ~ chapter 5a ) ~ chapter 5b ) ~

~( chapter 6 )

So Inviting *on going
: Ryo misses his baka best friend (Jinjin). What will happen when Ryo meet Tatsuya in KAT-TUN dressing room then? Can Tatsuya make Ryo forget about his best friend? Let’s find out~

Part 1 )~Part 2 )

(. ^______^ .)

Hidden Love *On going
Summary : Akanishi Jin, a successful business man and Kana, his two years old daughter met a guy named Kamenashi Kazuya. Who is he? Why Jin and Kana felt a tight chemistry for him? Did Jin know him in the past? But why Jin can't remember him?

Prologue~ )~Part 1 )~Part 2 )~Part 3 )~Part 4 )~Part 5 )~Part 6 )~Part7 )~Part 8 )~Part 9 )~Part 10 )

Drabble Kana's series
#1. Kana’s dream clicky here~ )
#1. Kana-chan VS Her Medicine  clicky here~ )

Your Lovely Book  *on going
Summary : Jin found a mysterious book one day. He bet it was a stalker’s book because the content of the book was ALL ABOUT HIM! Jin was angry and freaked out in the same time. Jin was shocked when the next thing he knew, he became the one who stalked to person that stalked him before.
Part 1 )~Part 2 )~Part 3 )~Part 4 )

Kazu-Wan-Wan No Koi *on going
Summary : Jin’s sour face was successfully making his life like a mess. He thought his fate would be as sour as his life, until one day he took a good care to a poor puppy. Jin didn’t know what kind of fate that God planed to him when he found a cute guy tail him just a few minutes after he left the poor puppy. Does the puppy transform to be a cute guy, or what?
prologue )

One Shot
(. ^______^ .)

Summary : Sex with mayonnaise, eheheh

Sumarry : Ryo wanted to do it with Tatsuya but Tatsuya didn’t ready yet

Summary : Tatsuya felt he was ready to do it and he got unbelievable helps from Akame but Ryo didn’t interest to do it.

Oneshot: What Happened in KAT-TUN Dressing Room?
Summary : KAT-TUN dressing room was really crowded and noisy because all members of KAT-TUN, NEWS and KANJANI8 gathered there, so what do you think about Ryo and Ueda would do in that kind of situation?

One Shot : The Warm Touch
Sumarry : Can the warm touch that Ueda give to Ryo enough to make Ryo love him?

*on going
Summary : Tatsuya didn’t know why Ryo hated sweet so much and Tatsuya would make Ryo loved sweet with his *cute* way!

Summary :Can Tatsuya make Ryo love him again with his fever attack? (Okay, it’s usual suck summary by me, hehe)

Summary : Ryo and Tatsuya had separated from their friends in the middle of Tanabata festival. Can they have a good time together if they spend the night just with each other?

Summary : Tatsuya tried to find his Prince among groups in Jimusho. Can he find the Prince? Let’s find out~

Summary : Ryo was jealous with Jin's song 'Care' because how the hell it can make Tatsuya touched himself???? What should Ryo do then to solve it? Let's find out~

Summary : Ryo and Ueda had a game. But Ueda stopped to do it. Why? And what kind of game was that?

Summary : Tatsuya wanted a baby from Ryo as his birthday present. What kind of reaction of Ryo then? Let’ find out.

Couch Sex ***
Summary : ‘I want to lick him too!’ It was the first thought that popped up in Ryo’s mind when he watched Ueda licked by little puppies in one of episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN. Every day that thought ran through his mind, until one day he found Ueda alone on the couch of KAT-TUN’s dressing room. Was it the chance for him to make his thoughts become reality?
clicky here~ ) ~this fic i made for fic contest at [ profile] je_hottestlove

[FIC] Jumped The Time
Summary : Chibi Tatsuya was angry because he always be guardian for a cute chibi Ryo-chan. He wondered when he could be the one who would be guarded by Ryo.

It Was Strange, but Hot ***
Summary : Ryo got a really strange birthday present, but he loved it.
clicky here~ )  ~this fic i made for fic RYO'S BIRTHDAY contest at [ profile] je_hottestlove

One Shot : Xièxiè Ni Yizhi Zài Wo Shenbian
Summary: Ryo went to Taiwan when he heard the news of his Hime’s injury.

One Shot : Because of Your Kansai-Ben
Summary : Ryo is so grumpy if something bad relates to his sexy Kansai-Ben, but there’s one person that know very well how big Ryo’s Kansai-Ben power is.

One Shot : I Want To Be Seme! ***
Summary : Cute, cute, cute. Tatsuya was bored to be a cute and of course to be a Uke too. He wanted to be a sexy and OF COURSE A SEME. He had a brilliant plan but can he become a SEME for The Sexy Osaka Man? Let’s find out ~

fic : Beauty Care 
Summary : Ryo was frustrated with his Hime. His lover loved something beauty and he tried to make Ryo as beauty as his. Can Ryo deal with Tatsuya’s weird attempt?

one shot : Fans’ *Biiip* Techniques
Summary : Tatsuya is acting strangely lately, especially in bed, making Ryo feels so curious about it.

One Shot : Your Cute Palm Tree Hairstyle
Summary : Ryo was so annoyed about something that blocked his sight when he did rehearsal for countdown with all of Johnny’s group.

One Shot : My Sadist Hime ***
Summary : Ryo made a mischievous and HOT plan for his lovely Hime. What would happen when his Hime steals his plan and did it to him instead?

one shot : The Worst Place To Hide ***
Summary : Koki was stuck in the worst place because of his curiosity.

One Shot
(. ^______^ .)

Summary : Jin was pissed off after he saw a sexy pose of his lover in a magazine with a damn red ribbon. Ahaha let's read to find out what will Jin do about it then~ 

Summary : When I felt so tired, I just tried to close my eyes to endure it. But recently I found myself yearning for you. I didn’t care who you are as long as you lend me your shoulder.

One shot : J.A.N.U.A.R.Y
Summary : I put my love for you into J.A.N.U.A.R.Y.

One Shot
(. ^______^ .)

One Shot : Give Me Love Attention, Please! ***
Summary : Jin tried everything to get Dr. Aizawa attention, but his effort was futile. Jin didn’t want to give up, especially when he found a really nice idea with a nurse outfit.

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