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I can't sleep again T^T Heeelp. .
Minna, thank u for ur comments in the previous post. I really appreciate that and I'll reply them when I get better ne *hugs*

um. .about the game. .it's not a game maybe, but I think it's fun to do it XD

The game is about finding the name of JE boys from your username! XD
Don't worry for u who have numbers as the username because u can find the birthday date of JE boys which match to ur username ^^
example : 2 -> 23th Feb -> Kamenashi Kazuya

ahaha okay, it's a random game, that's why it's weird, but fun in the same time. I hope u wanna try this game too XD

Yup! Now I start the game from my username! Let's see which JE boys that will I get! LOL

C => Chinen Yurii
I => Imai Tsubasa
T => Tatsuya Ueda
R => Ryo Nishikido
A => Aiba Masaki
R => Ryosuke Yamada
Y => Yamashita Tomohisa
O => Ohkura Tadayoshi

*squeals happily*
OMG! I get a lot of amazing boys! Yay!

Let's try it ne ^^
I'm curious for your result of the JE boys XD

Okay, now time to sleep *yawns*
Oyasumi XD
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Minna, i missed you so much *HUGS ATTACK* (/>O<)/≡

uhuhuhuhu my cellphone is broken and my modem for internet is error (okay, it's not error, the error one is me) ( >з<)=3

so, i can't online anymore. i even can't see my email and my lj o(><;)(;><)o

i don't know when i can active again here. RL is so hard lately. my job and my study are like hell sometimes ( ≫_≪)/

that's why i maybe can't be here for a long time. is it hiatus? no, i don't want to. i usually disappear for months but i always try to appear to post my fic once in a while. i think this time i can't do it. without net, i can't do anything o(≧□≦;)o

and...uhm...lately i feel uninterested in Ryo. it means i am not interested to je too. i still love them with all my heart but i think i find the time where i can't be as excited as before. they are doing great but i think i am the one who change here. Ryo is my everything in lj. that's why he effects me so much into writing. i can't write anymore in this kind of mood. eh, but don't worry i won't stop writing! i love writing and i will do it until the rest of my life. i am just not too sure when i can write again. i hope everything is  gonna be okay. i hope i get my net again. i hope i can communicate with you all properly. honestly i wanna talk and be friends with you. i love you all so much! so please wait me and please don't pinch me, nee (/≧∇≦)/^☆

oh, i am here for 1 hour only. i wanna talk to you in this short time if you can (*^O^*)

Bye-Bye♪ ~~(*/>_<)o i will miss u so much!!!!!!
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i'm citra-chan ^^
how are you?

minna, i really wanna chat with you. i'm so sorry coz i can't use facebook or YM. i just can use twitter. btw, in the previous post, some of you wrote your twitter address but i can't find you >w<
so, would you like to find me?

what's your twitter account?
my twitter account is cichanqu

let's meet and talk there, ne *hugs*
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Minna, please tell me how to improve my english and make me understand my mistake in my writing. I really need your help because i am not so good in english and i do want to write fic with a good grammar.

99,99% of you who joined in my fic comm told me that the bad thing in my writing is my bad grammar. T.T i am so sorry for making you read my fics that have so many grammar mistake *cries*

that's why please help me, ne. The 1st time i realized how bad my grammar is when people talked about it in one of jeauthormeme. I was shock and so sad, but then i realized they didn't want to hurt me. I think they cared about me and wanted me to be better in writing with making me notice where my mistakes are.

Minna, let's be honest with me, ne. Tell me what you want to say to me. I am not a perfect person/author so i know you do have a feeling to say about what you hate/ what you don't like/ what you want/ what your suggestion/ what you think or what you love about my writing maybe?

Please tell me everything here. You can critic me also. I won't be angry or sad. I promise. We are friends so i believe we want the best for all of us ^^

thank you minna. Love you so much! *hugs*
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Minna, how are you?
I miss you all so much! And thank you for my friends who cared about me in all this time. I'm sorry i can't reply your comment, but i do love you all *huuugs tightly*

oh, and now i wanna tell about my 1st project ever ^^
actually, this idea popped out in my mind because my journal isn't too active since i post all my fic into my fic comm now. That's why this journal is quite empty and just be filled with my ranting and sometimes i post pic combi of ryoda and akame.

I think i want to make my journal active again. I love my journal so much. I start everything in lj here. And until now, i'm still in love with this lovely eito layout! XD

therefore i decided to color my journal with this project! The project is 'i want to post 4 pics in a day! They are pics of Ryo, Tat-chan, Jin and Kame! I want to share the wonderful pics of them every day and i hope this project will color your days ^^

the inspiration of this project is based on the communities of pic a day in lj. I appreciate all of those comm and please don't hate me because of this project >w<
please tell me if you are against me about this >w<
honestly, i just wanna share and hope you'll love the boys more ^^

i plan to put a theme everyday for the pics, such as winter, cute, hot, sexy, the boys with animal, guitar, casual, smile, etc.

How do you think about this project? Please tell me your opinion, ne XD
Arigato *hugs*

Tears. . .

Apr. 1st, 2011 04:22 pm
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Tears. . .
I dont know why but i think i cried a lot on March. In that month i had many things that happened to me. My birthday, my sadness because of my father, missing my best friend so much, exhausted over my job, sick for almost a month, fight with my brother, my frustration over my study, ranaway from home, lost money and all.

I am so sad but i can't express it. My best friend, the only one who always there for me isn't like that anymore. I feel she is so faraway. She has her new world that i can't reach. She has friends that are so important than me. I dont want to hate her because of that. She was there for me for years. So how can i be so greedy and egoist to always ask her to be beside me? I dont want to burden her with my constant problems. I dont want to trouble her. And when i realized it, she is no longer here. I rarely meet her. She studies in different city. That's why when she comes back, we spend our time in happiness. I dont wanna make her worry at me, so i always pretending i'm okay. i love her so much. . .

Then i am so grateful to know LJ. This is the place when i meet a lot of friends who care about me though we never meet. I always cry and feel so touching when you all give me hugs and support when i am so down. Thank you very much. Thank you *hugs*

minna, i have written a lot of fic for almost a year. I am so happy if my fic can make you smile. It's the only way that can i do to make you happy. Hope you will happy always.

It's so sad that i think i lost a lot of friends that read my fic. I know it would happen because we have our own problem and RL that sometimes are so hard. I hope you all be healthy and fine, ne *hugs*
honestly i am sad when i see much readers left me. They're still there but i think they don't like my fic again. I can't do anything about it. We all have the right to do anything that we like, ne. And i am so sorry minna that i feel down for writing. My latest update of hidden love is the hardest chap for me to write couz i wrote it in tears. .
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~This is my birthday ~~

I am so happy XD

Thank you so much for you who wish happy b’day to me

*hugsssssss you*

Oh, and this is my b’day cake!

It’s a blueberry chocolate cake!! I love it so much XD

It’s still wrapped with a plastic because I don’t eat it yet, hehe.

I’ll eat it later in the afternoon

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I am so sad now.

i cries hard and my heart feels a lot of pain.

my father told me in a harsh tone that he threw away the modem (it's a small equipment like a USB for internet connection). the modem couldn't be installed in my computer so it was so hard to try on. the tecnician gave up to instal it. and my father went angry and stressed to deal with that. that's why he threw the modem away without talk to me first. i did ask him why he did that. eventhoug the modem isn't funtional in my computer, maybe in my brother's computer it can. why don't we try first? or at least we can bring it back to the store to complain about the modem condition or ask for our money back.

but my father didn't do it. he just yelled at me that he threw it away. he also blamed me about that. he told me that i am not independent to take a decision. why did i not tell him to try the modem in m brother computer? i couldn't help but go angry too. how can i tell him if he already threw the modem first?

he is so angry and keep lecturing me. his words is hurting me so much. he said i don't net internet. he prefer me going out to the place that have internet connection to our house instead. i can't stand it anymore. that's why i runaway from my home. okay, i only runaway for na while. i'll come back home as soon as i finish writing this.

minna. i wanna tell you my sorry because i can't talk to you freely like i think i can when i got the modem for net. now, i can't online regularly anymore. my job and my study are killing me too. that's why i think i can't update anything in the near time.

gomen ne, because i made all of my fic here to be private only (just me that can see them). i repost al of them in my fic community [info]u_me_u

the community isn't done yet. i can't manage it in my condition now. but if you want to read my fic you can go there. but it is members only. please read what i wrote there before you join,nee.

there is 43 questions that you have to fill to be the member. it's okay if you don't fulfill all of them. just choose which questions do you like to fill in.

i am so sorry minna. please forgive me. and plese give me hugs?
really love you

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Minna, i am so sorry i can't chat with you because my computer is attacked by virus TwT
It needs a few days to fix it. That's why i can't use my internet at all *pouts*

and i am so sad because RL is not so great lately. I am drained and cry to much lately. I even got an accident. It's a ball accident actually. A kid kicked a ball so hard and it hit straight to my face! I knew it was just an accident but it seriously hurt! My glasses was broken. My right eye and cheek was red and hurt. I still feel dizzy until now. Uhuhuhu

everything is not good for me right now. I am too down, sad and tired to do anything. I lost intererest in writing especially when my computer get a problem. So i am sorry if i can't write fic soon. Besides, i am so sad because some of my old fics link are broken! I cried when i knew about that. I don't know why it could happen. That was why i couldn't help but cry. My old fics have many precious memories for me. I met new friends and readers because of them. I tried step by step to improve my writing with that. So i cried when they're gone. .

Minna i miss you so much. Hope everything is gonna be okay.

~hug you, kiss you and peace from citra-chan~
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Minna, can you help me? I need some questions that i will add in the list questions which you will answer if you want to join in my fic community. I want you to share and give a/some questions so that you will be the part of building my fic comm :)
how do you think about that, minna?

Waiting your answer with my super cute puppy eyes XD

~rest well and peace from citra-chan~
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Minna, how are you? I hope you have a nice day :)

i am so tired. Seriously, my body was sore and i don't get enough sleep. But i am so happy because finally i will get my own internet connection!!!
I really worked hard to get that and finally it comes true xD

I will get my own net around friday or saturday! It means now i can talk and chat with you online!! Kyaaa! I am so happy!!

So, minna, i really wanna talk with you and be friends closely. That's why, if you don't mind, can you tell me your accounts of email, facebook, Yahoo Messanger and tweeter so we can talk and chat there? Hehe

arigato minna. I can't wait to talk to you freely because we never talk to each other so closely ne. I really want we chat about everything, such as fics, ideas of fic, JE boys, JE group and even for random and our real life. I think it will be exciting and fun! Do you think the same with me? XDD *huuuuuugs*

~peace from citra-chan~
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Hi, minna, how is your day? XD

My best friend will leave to other city to continue her study. We had dinner together in a public restaurant. We chatted about JE boys , lj and fic. We will meet again in June. It's soo long. That's why i bet i'll miss her >w<

uwa, sorry for my ranting *hides from tomato attack*
actually i wanna ask you if you know a famous mangaka yaoi called Masara Minase?
Her yaoi is my FAVORITE bcause his drawing is so beautiful. Her stories are interesting and lovely. She has many yaoi and those are worth to read. I love her story 'Gokujo no Koibito' so much. Her characters are so handsome! Your eyes is entertained by her skill of drawing. She is a wonderful mangaka ever!
So, do you know her? If yes, which stories of her do u like and why? If not, maybe you can start reading her stories ^^

there is something that makes me love her stories because i can perfectly imagine that her characters are akame or ryoda! Kya~
you have to read her manga! XD

~Minna, good nite and peace from citra-chan~
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Hai, minna, how are u?
I am sorry i can't reply ur comments in my previous posts and fics. I am still sick but i have to work to get money to have my own internet. So please wait and forgive me >_<

oh, and i was shocked when i read the rumour that KAT-TUN plagiat a song? I confused bcause the songwriter was the one who apologized about what he said about KAT-TUN?? Ugh, i didn't quite understand. Could someone tell me the right information of it? It made me remember the time Ryo was rumoured about plagiarsm of his song 'Ordinary' TwT

Then, the a little announchement from me is i decided i'll make my fic community next month. Hope u support me for that =)
and i hope i'll get better soon bcause i need a lot of time, energy, strength and support when i arrange that. I bet it must be tiring to move all my fics there. So, please don't be angry with me if i can't update my fics soon, ne.
Thank you for your undersanding, minna. *hugs you tightly*

time to go to work now :)

~take care and peace from citra-chan~
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I did decide to f-lock and f-cut of my journal. There are many reason that make me want to cry and all. I am glad my best friend, fu-chan and a-chan helped me to try finding the solution back then. Actually i planned to do that at the end of december last year, but i thought i wanted to give u a chance to show your love, or even care for my works here. But i realized i just get hurt again and again. But thanks to my friends who are always here for me. They give me hugs, give me care, give me support, give me encourage, give me warm love, and want to spend their precious time to say thank you to my works or say what happen/please smile when something happen to me. You know who i am talking about because it's you. So give u hugs attack xD

Then i wonder if it is alright to f-lock and f-cut? I want to know your opinion, minna :)

honestly, i am really tired. And it gives me a strong and bad impact every time i find many annoying things about my fic/my treasure. I am easy to cry. Now, i think it's not a good idea to cry when i almost die bcause of my tiredness.

I already talked about f-cut before but i only got a super little feedback. So i think i'll wait your opinion now. If u don't want to speak here it's okay. I won't force u anything. I just want you to know that i give you a chance to show your love. I am tired to say this to people who keep silence and enjoy others (authors/fans) works without even care to say their respect or love.

Sorry if i am kind of annoy you. I am just so tired. In this situation, i feel down and turn into so pessimistic. Please show your love though it's only a little 'Hi~'. Thank you so much minna. Sorry for messying your f-page >w<

good night and have a nice dream <3

~peace from citra-chan~

Author. .

Jan. 15th, 2011 01:09 pm
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Minna, i wanna ask you something.

As a writer for Ryoda/Akame fic, when or in what condition will you feel down/sad/lost motivation to write?

I want to know if you feel the same with me TwT

But then i wanna ask you too what is it that can make you keep writing?

Feel free to tell everything in your mind :)
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Hai, minna, i miss you sooo much *hugs*

i am so busy with my job, but i'll try to post my fanmade calender of the member of k8, kattun, news, and even arashi and hsj (though it's just aiba and yamada xD). Actually I finished making the calender a week ago or so, but i didn't have a time to post them TwT
So i think i'll post the calender tomorrow morning bcause i will be going for work in the afternoon.

Then i think i want to post fic too. So i need your help here. Hehe please give me prompts or request fic to me. Tell me what u want for the story. Well, i can write it so long, just a short story, and i prefer to write SMUT!!! *get smacked*
please tell me quickly about your ryoda (or akame fic if i have more time xD) because i'll start writing as soon as possible :)

oh, i just can write one or two fic depend on the time u tell me about the requested fic or how long i write a fic. If i get a lot of request *hoping cutely* i'll chose the interesting one, so i hope u don't kill me if i don't chose/write yours. Don't worry i'll write all of the request one by one though i can't promise to write them soon. So wait me ne. *hugs*

so it's the time for me to wait your request fic *sit in the corner of your room and watching you with my cute puppy eyes* XD


Jan. 11th, 2011 01:09 pm
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It's the 1st day for me to do my new job. I am so tired but it's okay because i always love teaching kids. They are so adorable, talk-active and smart. It's been a long time for me to teach, so i was quite nervous today. I hope i can do the best as a teacher for the next and next day xD

By the way i feel more tired because of another problem. I love writing fic and try my best to write them to make me and you smile. But i am so sad when i don't get many feedback anymore. I understand maybe you're busy, don't have net connection, lazy to comment maybe or even you just simply don't care to comment. I don't want to force you to comment always in my post, i just want you to care about me, or my fic, or my pic. I love u and respect u so much. U are my power and motivation here. You are my best friends though i never see or meet u. I always wish you will care or respect what i do here like i do for you. But again i can force u anything. Please don't get me wrong. I just feel lonely lately, especially when i post a fic, there are just few people that showed their loves for my fic. I really love them.

I am so sad when everytime i see my guest state. There are so many people who came into my lj but 98% from them didn't even want to leave a simple comment. Then i got sad even more when i read again people who added me and said they loved my fic. I start wondering it's true or not because i never see them comment since that. It hurts me. Really hurts me. I want real friends or people who care about me without having to add me. I really appreciate people who dropped comments to me though we didn't add/know each other.

That's why i think i want to do the cut for my f-list. For me, friends mean care, respect, love, brightness, motivation, faith and honesty. I want to start from the beginning. So i am sorry. I love you all and thank you for everything. If i cut you i think you know why i do that for you.

Gomenasai minna. I can't say please don't hate me. I just can say thank you. *hugs*


Rec fic <3

Jan. 8th, 2011 09:57 pm
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Minna, can u rec fic akame multichapter for me?*puppy eyes*

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Minna, kana miss u soo muach!

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